July 27 is National Barbie in a Blender day

Yes, it really exists. I had to look up the history a little bit, and what a total bru-ha-ha over a bit of art. Whether you liked Tom Forsythe’s work or not (i.e. destroying Barbie dolls via blender), the whole thing wound up making major national news because Mattel had sued Mr. Forsythe over the works, and it became a symbol of artistic free speech. Mattel lost (I believe it was in 2004).

Anyway, it’s all over now. Past and gone. We’re moving on. No more of that stuff for us here. But we thought the name of the site was interesting enough to grab it, so here we are.

Nothin’ more to see here folks, at least on the Barbie in a Blender controversy. But, just because I can, I decided to launch this site on July 27, which is the day this crazy phenomenon is officially recognized.

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